About Us

Redhill Pottery is home to a unique collection of fine handcrafted tableware and original ceramic items.

The pottery was established over 18 years ago by the well-known potter Bruce Walford and was grown by the Drydens before being passed on to its current owners, the Bell family.

At Redhill Pottery we do not rush the process of making our stoneware. The time and care taken adds to the inherent strength of the pottery and this is borne out by the longevity of our product, which is in use with a number of fine guesthouses.

You will find our pottery studio and shop tucked away in the wooded valley of Kilfinan Farm, which borders the Cape Point nature reserve on the M65 between Scarborough and Simonstown.

Our studio sits shoulder to shoulder with our small shop and display area where all our ceramics are on view to purchase, order or collect (if necessary we can also ship them to you).

All processes are done by hand by a small team. Therefore no two items are identical and little interesting imperfections can sometimes be seen, that give each piece it’s own unique character and personal touch.

Our wide range of items, from eggcups to large serving platters, is decorated in a number of standard designs ranging from classic blue on white through to special commissions to suit your specifications and taste.

We continue to add new items to our collection while experimenting with fresh designs. And because we understand the demands of modern life, all our pieces are microwave friendly and dishwasher safe.